Staffing Agencies in Dallas Texas

Staffing Agencies in Dallas TX

Staffing Agencies in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Staffing agencies in Dallas Fort Worth include top-rated Trinity Event Staffing! As an event staffing company, Trinity supplies temporary event staff primarily for the hospitality industry. These customer-facing roles include food service staff such as waiters, bartenders and chefs. They also include guest services roles including greeters, registration staff and booth attendants. Last, they include event security including ushers, ID check and bag inspection as well as overnight watch. Trinity’s clients range from event planners and marketing firms to organizations and individuals. Typical locations where Trinity’s staff work include convention centers, museums, event venues, high-end retail and private estates. Trinity regularly staffs conferences, conventions, annual galas, weddings, holiday parties, festivals and more. And with over fifteen years of experience, Trinity has the experience you need to succeed! So, let Trinity become your next best resource for providing versatile solutions to your temporary event staffing needs.

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From Greenville to Weatherford and Denton to Waxahachie, the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex covers thousands of square miles. Within it, hundreds of municipalities compete as centers of gravity. So, while Dallas and Fort Worth host many events, they represent only a portion of the total. Highland Park and Preston Hollow still also draw many private events, but so too do Southlake and Frisco. As a result, staffing agencies in DFW must be prepared to travel to where they are needed. Trinity has always understood this need and built it into the expectations of its temporary staff. Whether individuals driving themselves, carpools, or renting passenger vans, Trinity always devises the best solution to fit the need. Additionally, Trinity established two satellite locations in Austin and Houston to assist with festivals and west Texas ranch parties. So wherever in Texas your events take you, Trinity’s team can meet you there!

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Many different types of staffing agencies exist, and they do not all provide the same services. Therefore, choosing a staffing provider carefully remains paramount to your success. For temporary staffing needs, an event staffing agency presents the most versatile and presentable solution. Event staff regularly interact with guests and attendees. Since Trinity’s beginnings it has strived to provide presentable and well-spoken staff with conservative appearances. All applicants are vetted, background checked and cross-trained in both customer service and event skills. Also, Trinity’s team works on their feet for hours and in difficult outdoor weather conditions. Even in the mild climes, events in Texas could be described as hot, heavy and hard. Event staff must quickly learn how to adapt and get tough because timelines and the weather can change quickly. But despite the hardships, event staff do it because working events part-time represents a flexible and exciting side job.

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Events exhibit many characteristics of firefighting or combat as they unfold on hypothetical plans executed in situ. Pair that with coordinating dozens of vendors on different communication channels and the difficulty mounts. Consider also the spread-out nature of many events, with kitchens, ballrooms, extra supplies and dumpsters all in different places. So, it takes well-placed command and control to hold standards and remain efficient. Throughout its existence, Trinity has established clear chains of command to enforce standards. From captains over tasks to leads interfacing with clients, organization matters. For larger events, Trinity sends operational managers in suits to further ensure success. Additionally, Trinity brings radios for effective communication and extra uniforms and equipment just in case. Last, Trinity believes staffing agencies must do better to provide food and water to their staff on assignments. Therefore, Trinity has always done so to ensure positive team morale and consistent operational tempo.
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In order to be considered among the very best staffing agencies means providing more than bodies. That’s why Trinity works tirelessly behind the scenes to constantly raise the bar. This includes leveraging online technology to streamline client communication, staff scheduling and final accounting. Additionally, Trinity trains all new applicants on both customer service standards as well as job-related skills. This sits additional to the careful vetting and background checks that Trinity performs on all applicants. Trinity’s scheduling team then carefully constructs balanced teams of veteran staff, new staff, captains and a lead for every event. Additionally, Trinity regularly schedules additional staff to ensure that any last-minute call offs don’t affect the client. Last, Trinity always maintains a scheduler on duty during all scheduled events to troubleshoot any late, lost or missing staff. They’re all part of Trinity’s commitment to always do more for its clients!

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With today’s online access, it remains easy enough to determine the reputation of a company. That’s why anyone who needs to hire a temp staffing service should check out the competition online. From its beginnings, Trinity has always treated all of its clients with the care they deserve. Whether an F&B director or an individual planning a party, Trinity understands that staffing agencies should strive for consistent excellence. As a result, Trinity now hosts many positive online reviews and ratings from its clients. With over fifteen years in business, Trinity has numerous ratings on its Google business listing and Merchant Circle. As well, wedding sites such as The Knot host reviews from brides. Birdeye and Virtuous Reviews also host positive reviews for Trinity’s services. So, if you need a few dozen extra reasons to choose Trinity as your staffing resource in Dallas, check us out online.

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In addition to great reviews from Trinity ‘s clients, it also rates highly among its staff members. That’s because Trinity understands service to others as a company priority. Beyond this, Trinity knows that team morale is mission critical and works hard to ensure it at all levels. Last, Trinity trains its expectations and holds those standards, allowing for consistency. All of these have helped Trinity to be named a top employment agency in Dallas. Additional reviews from staff can also be found on Facebook and Indeed as well as Glassdoor and Zippia. They also attest to the fifteen years of excellence Trinity has worked to put in place. To learn more or request staff today, just fill out the form below. Also, check out our handy calculators, including for bartending services, kitchen staffing and security services.