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Hire a Bartender Service & Plan Your Own Bar

Hiring a bartender service and planning your own bar can be a relatively easy thing to do with the right tools. And, if your bar can serve as a focal point of the festivity, then all the better. And with just a few minor plans and upgrades, you can showcase your hospitality skills and be a successful host. Of course, the bartenders must be able to execute your plans. That’s why hiring bartenders from reputable bartending services remains the safest bet. In addition, you will need to know how much alcohol, mixers and ice to get. No worries, with a little leg work and a good event bartender agency, you’ve got this!

Equipment for the bartender service

In order for the bartenders to do a great job, they must have the right equipment. So, every bartender should come equipped with a set of essential tools. These include a beer key, a wine tool, and a shaker tin for mixing cocktails. Additionally, other useful bartender service tools include a strainer for cocktails mixing and a spoon if drinks are layered. Also, some other important items that would need to be provided include an ice bucket and a trash can. Ultimately, a functional DIY bar means prioritizing quick guest service. So, ensuring the bartender service has what it needs goes a long way towards that goal.

How to set up a DIY bar

The aesthetics of the bar make for an easy upgrade to the entire party’s ambiance. This includes everything from LED-lit Lucite bars to fence slat Cow Town bars and more. Also, the location of the bar is a key for the bartender service to succeed. A fold-out bar provides a space-efficient workstation made specifically for bartending. And while a simple covered table can also act as a bar top, consider doing something more. For instance, using LED lit shelves behind the bartender service looks great! Beyond this, coolers will be needed to hold iced beer and chilled wine. Also, an ice bucket is needed to hold clean ice and should be paired with a bus tub for dirty glasses left at the bar. Lastly, include a trash can and a cutting board with a sharp knife for cutting limes.

Bar extras include items for guest comfort

Exceptional bartender service extends beyond the drinks to the overall guest experience. To cater to comfort, especially in colder climates, provide wraps or shawls for guests. Also, a self-serve station with tea, water, and perhaps coffee allows guests to help themselves. Additionally, it reduces pressure on the bartender service. Ensure beverage napkins, straws, stir sticks, sweeteners and a small trash can accompany self-serve stations.

Find a bartender service nearby

Ultimately, your planning and the bartender service you hire will dictate the outcome of your event. So, whether it’s a signature cocktail menu or a themed bar setup that reflects the occasion, these elements make your bar memorable. And with the right equipment and thoughtful planning, your DIY bar will provide an excellent experience for your guests. Our useful calculators can help you with what you need and makes planning a bar easy for anyone. And as a top-rated employment agency and bartender service, you know you’re getting a quality partner for your self-planned event.

Other event staff for your party or event

Beyond beverages and bars, several other important staff roles for a smooth party exist. These include waitstaff to bus and kitchen staff for food. It could also include door greeters, coat check and parking lot event security and attendants. For truly epic events, such as your very own backyard music festival, Trinity provides registration staff and bag inspectors. It’s all part of Trinity’s commitment to remain versatile to your specific party needs. Fill out the form below to get started.