Event Staff in Dallas Austin & Houston Texas

Event staff in Dallas & Houston Texas

Events powered by Trinity Event Staffing’s temp services include all types of staff for events. From food service to security and other guest services, Trinity represents a total staffing solution. Beyond service teams, kitchen help and brand ambassadors, Trinity additionally provides event security. Also, to round out its event staffing services, Trinity provides registration, coat check, and setup for events. Specific roles range from housemen, ushers and hospital food services. Trinity’s specialization in events, food service and branding, allows it to customize a staffing solution to meet your specific needs. So let Trinity become your one stop solution to all of your staffing needs!

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As a top staffing company, Trinity was nominated as a top 20 staffing company in Dallas Fort Worth. Also, while Trinity maintains its staffing services in Dallas and Fort Worth, it also provides event staff in Austin and Houston! So, with locations across the Lone Star state, Trinity services most locations in the state. Requested staffing services regularly include setup and waitstaff for local caterers. Others include bartenders and kitchen staff for weddings and galas. So, whether you plan events for a large company or just your own party, Trinity can help. The quality of our people and our ability to customize solutions drives Trinity’s reputation online. From Google to Indeed, Facebook to Glassdoor, Trinity’s reviews show that it cares.

Best event staffing companies offer more

Staffing companies striving to be the best must be prepared to offer two important things. First, they must offer versatile staffing solutions that fit as many roles as possible. This certainly includes service staff such as bartenders, waitstaff and chefs. But also, they should offer event security, registration attendants, coat check, and other guest services. Providing multiple roles eases the burden of the planner and helps with coordination between task groups. Also, for a staffing company to properly service its clients, it must send them where needed. This includes creating transportation solutions that make sense even for a remote wedding venue or west Texas ranch. Trinity understands this and remains poised to send its staffing services where needed in Texas.

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From private parties to high profile annual fundraisers and more, Trinity possesses the expertise you need to succeed!  So, if you are an F&B manager needing extra event staff, Trinity can help.  If you run a marketing firm, easily assemble a brand ambassador team halfway across the nation with Trinity’s help. And if you are a local caterer or resident needing help in our coverage areas, consider Trinity a one stop staffing resource. Just fill out the below form to get started with the top name in staffing!