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Kitchen Staffing Services in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Kitchen staffing services from Trinity Event Staffing brings you the best chef service available in Texas. From prep cooks to personal chefs, Trinity can provide the right talent that you need for your kitchen or event. Whether a corporate kitchen, dining service, caterer or individual, Trinity works to provide you with the level and number of kitchen staff that you need. With almost twenty years of experience providing chefs, Trinity remains the premier resource for kitchen staffing services in Texas! Our clients value us as a staffing resource to draw up on when they need it most.

Best kitchen staffing services offer diverse talent

Trinity Event Staffing provides all levels of cooks and chefs for a variety of clients in various scenarios. Whether you manage a facility’s dining service or you run a catering company, kitchen staff remain essential. Your staffing needs likely change daily, so you need a temp staffing service for chefs that can keep up with your daily changing needs. Trinity’s pool of part-time, temp chefs can fill the gap for you when you need and not a labor hour more. This efficiency helps your business or bottom line and is why Trinity’s temp kitchen staffing services remain in high demand.

Find qualified chefs and cooks nearby

Finding qualified chefs begins with partnering with the right person, platform or staffing company. As a provider of kitchen staffing services, Trinity works hard to source talented cooks and chefs. All of Trinity Event Staffing’s cooks and chefs have their background checked. Additionally, kitchen applicants are screened for job history and skills. As a result, Trinity has proven it works hard to ensure the best for its. Client reviews include those on The Knot and Merchant Circle. Additionally, Trinity remains a top-rated temp agency for chefs and cooks looking for jobs. It also maintains excellent ratings online from its staff. These include reviews posted on Facebook, Indeed and Glassdoor.

Find a temp agency for chefs in your area

Trinity Event Staffing maintains its kitchen staffing services in multiple places throughout the state of Texas. With its main hub in Dallas Fort Worth, Trinity can send chefs to the furthest points of the metroplex. Whether you need chefs in Mansfield, Waxahachie, Pilot Point or Royse City, Trinity’s team lives throughout the DFW area. With a large pool of chefs and the ability to cover clients quickly, Trinity’s chefs remain a highly sought after service. Additionally, Trinity maintains satellite locations in Austin and Houston, Texas. From these three hubs, Trinity’s kitchen staffing services can extend to most places within those metroplexes and their surrounding cities.

Kitchen staffing for events

In addition to serving Dallas Fort Worth, Austin and Houston, Trinity Event Staffing can provide event staff to faraway locations. Event locations in recent years have migrated to outdoor and rural settings for both weddings and other types of events. As an event staffing company, Trinity regularly sends event staff to remote locations, including its kitchen staffing services. No location becomes too remote for Trinity’s ready-to-travel event teams. That includes events such as music festivals and beer walks. And just like service staff, the catering kitchen staff become the critical ‘boots on the ground’ muscle that wins the day. That’s why utilizing an event staffing company that provides chefs and will send them anywhere gives you a robust solution for any event.

Reputable kitchen staffing services offer more

As an event staffing company, Trinity Event Staffing provides bartenders, waitstaff, chefs, event security and brand ambassadors. Providing all of these roles allows Trinity to cover the diverse and ever-evolving needs of its diverse group of clients. Many of Trinity’s chefs who participate in its kitchen staffing services also work as servers, bartenders and event security. Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment ensures Trinity’s event staff become skilled in multiple roles. Versatility remains the single-greatest reason why Trinity’s kitchen staff act as force multipliers for every client’s event.

Best temp agencies for kitchen help

Trinity understands your need for kitchen help when you need it and that you will not always need it. Our temp staffing service allows you this flexibility. With its kitchen staffing services, Trinity helps you to fill holes in your teams. And with Trinity’s handy chef calculator, you can estimate your needs before you ever place your order. So, let Trinity become your one stop shop for kitchen help as well as for any other type of hospitality staff.