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Temp Service for Waiters in Dallas & Houston Texas

As a temp service for waiters, Trinity Event Staffing remains the leading provider of waitstaff in the Lone Star state. With locations in Dallas Fort Worth and Houston Texas, Trinity stands as an industry leader within Texas. Trinity’s waiter services regularly get utilized for weddings, galas and holiday parties. Additionally, Trinity provides waiters for corporate dining services, board lunches and property showings. As an event staffing agency, Trinity’s exposure to a wide array of events allows its teams to adapt easily to any event. From buffet-style service to synchronized team service, Trinity’s team knows how to perform at the highest level. That’s because Trinity’s waitstaff receive proper training to ensure our clients repeated success!

Best temp service for waiters

Trinity Event Staffing maintains a solid reputation for providing waitstaff as a part of its event staffing services. Trinity’s waitstaff possess extensive experience in events and the hospitality industry. Trinity’s process culminates in vetted, trained and well-led teams of waiters. And with our proprietary online training, Trinity goes the extra mile to ensure its temp service for waiters and bartenders exceeds expectations. With proper leadership at all levels, Trinity’s service staff work as a cohesive team to ensure every client’s success. From properly set tables to executing seated dinners service, Trinity’s teams know how to successfully pull off an event. As a result, Trinity’s temp service for waiters remains one of the Top 20 Staffing Agencies in Dallas Fort Worth!

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Trinity Event Staffing conveniently based its services in the state’s two largest metroplexes, Dallas Fort Worth and Houston. From these centers, Trinity provides food service staff including waiters, bartenders and kitchen staff. As a temp service for waiters, Trinity’s teams work in downtown high rises as well as rural wedding venues to supplement caterers. Additionally, Trinity’s team works as festival staff and for other public events. However, with a decentralized workforce located across the metroplex, Trinity can readily find service staff to work events from one end to the other. So, from downtown venues to outback ranches in quieter places, Trinity will extend its temp services to where they are needed. As a result, Trinity has a reputation for providing excellent event staffing services no matter the location.

Reputable temp services offer other staff

While many types of staffing companies exist, a temp service for waiters likely represents one of your most versatile choices. Event staffing companies get pulled into many hospitality roles. So, reputable staffing companies like Trinity’s staffing services, include most types of requested event staff. This list of services includes bartenders, chefs and cooks, brand ambassadors, registration greeters, event security and more. Thus, choosing to work with Trinity Event Staffing means you have a highly committed partner to your success for every event. Use our Quote & Request for Services Page to either get a convenient quote or book our services today. Also, check out our temp staffing calculators, including bartending services such as event bartender counts, alcohol amounts and bartender service equipment.