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Bartender Services in Dallas Fort Worth, Austin & Houston Texas

Bartender services by Trinity Event Staffing brings you the very best in bar staff throughout Texas. With close to twenty years of experience, Trinity continues its reputation of providing excellent event staff. With its TABC bartenders, Trinity Event Staffing makes it easy to obtain one bartender or twenty bartenders. We start with experienced bartenders partnered with accompanying bar staff. Together, under a lead, Trinity’s bartending services come as a complete package with captains, bartenders and bar backs. Our structure and versatility results from our client’s varying needs and our commitment to supporting them. Besides, a group of bartenders without a clear chain of command is little more than a mob. For that reason, Trinity Event Staffing remains one of the best-rated staffing companies in Texas. In addition to the handy bartender service calculator, check out the alcohol calculator and the bar equipment calculator.

Best bartender services in Texas

Beyond providing great customer service, Trinity Event Staffing strives to be a great company to work for. As a result, our staff voted us one of the top employment agencies in Dallas Fort Worth. Our reputation on Facebook, Google, Merchant Circle and The Knot shows that our staff love us as much as our clients. But to maintain the best bartender services requires treating clients and bartender staff with care. As a result, we train our bartenders in etiquette as well as how to do the job. As for its clients, Trinity does not perform like any old bartending company. Rather, we send a cohesive team to enact your vision through using versatile and highly motivated teams that love that we care for them too.

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Finding bartenders or a bartending service to service your specific geographic needs remains important. And many bartender companies only serve inside the metroplex. Trinity Event Staffing strives to provide its clients with comprehensive solutions to their specific needs. From providing bar staff for corporate events downtown, to sending bartenders to festivals and remote wedding venues, Trinity travels. So, to service our clients where they need us, we handle the logistics of sending our bartender services wherever they are needed. So, if you run a wedding venue in rural Texas or own a ranch in the hill country, Trinity has you covered. If you want your wedding in a remote and rural setting, Trinity will send you a great team regardless of the distance. And with our additional staffing services, we provide the total people power you need, wherever needed!

Reputable bartender services provide other event staff

In our efforts to always strive to meet client demand, we designed our staffing services to be as broad as possible. Bar staff become cross trained as both waitstaff and bartenders. Additionally, Trinity’s staff regularly get scheduled for other duties. These include roles as brand ambassadors, event security and kitchen staff. We realize that not all clients need the same staff for the same reason. So, we strive to provide a robust number of roles that our staff are versed in. Because when you build a relationship with a vendor, you want to keep using the same one for everything. For this reason, Trinity provides other guest services event staff such as coat check and station attendants. That way you can rest knowing we have the support you need.

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Call us today or fill out our bartender services booking form under our Quotes and Requests for Services page. That’s why you should let Trinity Event Staffing be your one stop shop for bartender services as well as all of your other event staffing needs.