Best Event Staffing Agency in Dallas Texas

Event Staffing Agency in Dallas TX

Event Staffing Agency in Dallas Fort Worth

As an event staffing agency in Dallas Fort Worth, Trinity Event Staffing brings you the very best solutions to your staffing needs. Trinity provides service staff, security staff and guest services staff. Trinity’s service staff options include bartenders, waitstaff and kitchen staff. For event security, Trinity’s offers ushers, ID checkers, bag inspectors and overnight watch. Guest services provided by Trinity include door greeters, registration staff, coat check and station attendants. With over fifteen years in business as an event staffing agency, Trinity’s experience remains unmatched. Trinity’s clients include planners, caterers, venues, dining services, marketing firms, non-profits and individuals. Trinity’s event staff regularly work at wedding venues, museums, public spaces, convention centers, private residences and more. So, whether you run a catering company or plan conferences Trinity can devise a custom solution to your most common temp staffing needs.

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Temporary staffing for the hospitality and events industry requires excellence on multiple fronts. That’s because staffing services act as the broker between clients and temporary workers. In the case of an event staffing, the complexity broadens due to several factors. These include syncing client expectations and staff needs together while compensating for the decentralized nature of events and locations.  These make control and communication difficult. On top of that, an event staffing agency amasses staff together for just a few hours or days for a single reason. Last, the far-flung nature of providing temporary staff to events wherever they happen means that event staff must be prepared to travel. To be the best event staffing agency in Dallas Fort Worth means striving to address all of these simultaneously. That’s why Trinity has always sought to create innovative solutions and raise the bar for the events industry.
Event Staffing Agency in Dallas Fort Worth TX

Temp staff for events require extra handling

With such a long history as an event staffing agency, Trinity has set the standard over and again through constant innovation. First, Trinity employs the latest technologies to communicate, schedule and maintain awareness over its event teams. Also, Trinity provides several additional layers of support. This includes a dedicated scheduler-on-duty to troubleshoot issues promptly before and during events. It also includes an event lead who streamlines communication between the client and staff. Additionally, Trinity trains all applicants in necessary event skills and customer service skills through its proprietary online training. Last, Trinity prepares balanced teams of veteran staff, newer staff, captains and an event lead for every event. For even larger events, Trinity adds managers in suits to ensure the event plan and timeline exceed expectations. These innovations represent Trinity’s dedication to always making its services better instead of resting on yesterday’s successes.

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Everything is bigger in Texas, including the spread-out nature of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. With over one hundred municipalities in DFW, it covers a massive area and population. Add in outlying areas such as Weathorford, Waxahachie and Denton, and it becomes one of the largest metros in the nation. Within DFW, events happen everywhere, but also cluster in certain areas. Dallas still hosts the most events, but the trend towards remote outdoor locations continues to grow. Remote venues such as The Springs’ multiple locations continues to make up a growing part. Additionally, with temperate seasons, DFW residents get to enjoy much of the year. Resultingly, many cities host annual festivals or food and beverage events. With so many locations for events to happen, Trinity’s team gets used to traveling. Also, for truly remote locations, Trinity rents passenger buses to ensure all staff arrive on time together.
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Reputable staffing services offer more

To be counted among the most reputable event staffing agencies means collecting and curating a veteran team of event professionals. This means vetting, background checking and training all staff members. It also means having effective OJT mentorship of new staff by veteran team members. It also means providing prebuilt hierarchies of captains and leads helps streamline communication. Additionally, providing food for staff and radios for captains at large events helps tremendously. Also, having a prepared uniform solution onsite or nearby the main city centers. Last, a reputable event staffing agency knows to add extra staff to ensure meeting the client’s requested number. And if the number of event staff requested exceeds fifty, a reputable staffing company will add operational managers in suits. Together all of these extras go a long way towards ensuring a successful event for the client and staff.

Best staffing agencies for events provide wide range of services

Staffing companies exist to lighten the burden of planners of events and to accommodate the seasonal fluctuation for other event companies. To this end, an event staffing agency should offer a wide range of services. The reason is because coordinating vendors onsite requires extra work for every vendor, planners need streamlined communications. From emailing to directing teams, planners need all the help they can get. Thus, providing the most commonly requested services can be quite effective in lessening the planners’ burden. Among these roles are bartenders, waitstaff and kitchen staff. But beyond these, event security and other guest services must make up the balance. These roles include greeters, ushers, registration, ID checkers and bag inspectors. Ultimately, a staffing agency that provides them helps planners when assigning tasks and establishing communication channels. That’s why Trinity has always offered as broad a range of services as possible to cover planner’s needs.

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Since its beginning, Trinity has strived to ensure its clients and staff are treated with care. Thus, over the duration of its existence as an event staffing agency, Trinity has received favorable reviews. Whether on Trinity’s Google listing or otherwise, Trinity’s commitment shows through. Trinity’s services are rated on wedding sites like The Knot. Additionally, Trinity has reviews on Merchant Circle, Birdeye and Virtuous Reviews.  Beyond these, Trinity garners many reviews from its staff members as well. Trinity’s team posts reviews on Facebook and Indeed as well as Glassdoor and Zippia. Trinity also rated as a top employment agency in Dallas. Altogether these speak to Trinity’s commitment to its own standards, clients and staff. So, whether you need a bartending service, kitchen staffing service, or security service, Trinity has you covered. Start partnering with the best event staffing agency in Dallas Fort Worth by filling out the form below!