Kitchen Staffing Service in Dallas Texas

kitchen staffing service in Dallas

Kitchen Staffing Service in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

As a kitchen staffing service, Trinty Event Staffing provides chefs for kitchens and catered events in Dallas Fort Worth. From prep cooks for food production to catering chefs for events, Trinity customizes solutions to your needs. With over fifteen years of experience as a temp staffing agency, Trinity knows your needs change daily. So, whether a catering company or the dining services for a corporate headquarters, Trinity provides the help needed when it’s needed. As a temp service for chefs, Trinity fills in the gaps in your kitchen staff when you need it. For caterers needing a kitchen staffing service during the busy seasons, Trinity’s chefs possess ample experience. Either way, Trinity’s temp staffing solution helps you stay efficiently small yet still able to adapt or expand when needed.

Best kitchen staffing service for large kitchens

For kitchen managers in charge of large-scale dining services, filling the daily gaps in kitchen staff remains a constant responsibility. And from corporate headquarters to luxury senior living, everyone must still get fed. So, when your sous chef simply cannot handle one more item on their plate, consider calling in some help. Or if you have kitchen staff out for leave or personal days, have a kitchen staffing service that can save the day! Trinity starts by carefully vetting, background checking and training all of its staff. Beyond that, Trinity’s kitchen staff gain valuable experience from their use in multiple kitchens and caterings. Additionally, if you need food station attendants, Trinity provides culinary assistants to help with client-facing roles. So, whether you need ongoing help or help for a day, Trinity has you covered!

kitchen staffing service for events

Need temp chefs for catered events?

The Dallas Fort Worth area draws a lot of catered events due to the perfect temperatures during the spring and fall. That means that events book in the nicest months of the year. And from patio rooftops in the Bishop Arts District to The Springs’ many rural locations around Dallas, caterers bring the food and beverages. During the high season, caterers stay in high demand, especially for Saturday bookings. However, even paired with the December holiday parties, this still only accounts for two thirds of the year.  Therefore, caterers must remain as lean as their slow seasons, which means they need a solution to expanding quickly during the high season. Event staffing companies, ideally ones with a kitchen staffing service included, make up the difference in temp labor needed for caterers to take on more business. This dynamic creates a symbiotic relationship between caterers and event staffing companies.

Find a kitchen staffing service nearby

In order for an event staffing agency to be effective in Texas, its team members must be prepared to travel long distances. Just within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex exists a hundred cities spread out along a hundred-mile east-west route from Royce City to Weatherford. Additionally, DFW covers sixty-five miles from Prosper in the north to Waxahachie in the south. With everything so spread out, caterers, venues and planners need reliable event staffing agencies to back them up wherever the work takes them. Trinity recognizes this need and builds it into both staff expectations and client cost proposals. Additionally, for large kitchen staffing service requests or extreme distances, Trinity books passenger vans. And with two satellite offices in Austin and Houston Trinity can cover most areas of the Lone Star state. So, let Trinity help you to confidently extend your services throughout DFW and most other places in Texas.
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Top-rated staffing agencies in Dallas Fort Worth

Since its inception, Trinity has strived to serve its clients and event staff well. This translates into positive reviews and ratings online. Because Trinity treats clients of all sizes with care, it receives reviews on a diverse range of review sites. These include Google reviews as well as reviews on The Knot, Merchant Circle, Virtuous Reviews and Birdeye. These reviews attest to Trinity’s ongoing efforts for its clients. In addition, Trinity treats its staff with dignity and care, thus maintaining a position as one of Dallas’ top employment agencies. Trinity’s staff also give it ratings on Facebook, Indeed, Glassdoor and Zippia. That’s because Trinity starts with a diverse group of applicants, trains them with high expectations and holds them to that standard. So if you need a few dozen extra reasons to choose Trinity, check us out online.

A reputable kitchen staffing service offers more

As an event staffing company, Trinity provides other event staff types. From bartenders to waitstaff, Trinity offers service staff to interact with guests while serving food and beverages. Additionally, Trinity provides event security solutions including ushers, doormen, ID checkers, bag inspection and overnight watch. Finally, Trinity offers brand ambassadors, including greeters, registration, attendants and guest services for festivals, conventions and more. Trinity’s kitchen staffing service also includes personal chefs and culinary assistants. Assistants come from our seasoned FOH veterans who regularly help caterers with food preparation in catering scenarios. And with a ‘can do’ attitude paired with these basic skills, our culinary assistants can cover you in a tight spot. Events move quickly and unforeseen circumstances often arise, staffing services must roll with the changes. That’s why Trinity maintains a culture of cross training all event staff to ensure flexibility in every team despite the circumstances.

kitchen catering staff for events
Trinity Event Staffing provides kitchen catering staff for events in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Chefs for hire program

Many times, Trinity’s chefs perform so well for clients that they wish to hire them. And while Trinity primarily operates as a temp staffing company, it recognizes the need for a placement program. In these cases, kitchens or caters need a primary person to fill a critical role within their organization. So, while Trinity’s kitchen staffing service helps clients achieve cost savings, it can also place candidates for clients. Trinity’s program also extends to any of its other team members. We recognize that sometimes our staff member becomes integral to your operation. In these cases, the client and Trinity enter into a side Placement Agreement for the placement. It’s all part of Trinity’s dedication to its clients and staff to always create successful solutions to keep the industry rolling! To start working with us simply fill out the form below.