Hiring Chefs for the Holiday Season

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Hiring Chefs for the Holiday Season

Hiring Chefs for the Holiday Season

Tis the season in Dallas Fort Worth when personal chefs, culinary consultants, catering chefs and chef staffing services are working overtime for receptions, dinners and company holiday parties. With the large number of Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow private home parties, holiday parties, and charitable fundraisers during the holiday season, hiring a temporary personal chef or kitchen help from a staffing service helps eliminate the stress of holiday parties large and small. Hiring temporary chef staff from a temp staffing service for a holiday party, reception or dinner party allows private clients to entertain family and guests for the day or week without a full-time commitment to their chef.

Another great reason to hire a chef from a temp staffing service is that they have personal chefs, private chef services, catering chefs and kitchen help of all levels and experiences.  Caterers, celebrity chefs, and executive chefs all use temporary staffing services to hire temp chef staff.  So whether you need to hire a personal chef, a temporary chef staff or just kitchen help, a temp staffing company is both affordable and offers a great variance of skilled chef assets for your holiday party and cocktail reception needs.

Private Party Wait Staff

Private Party Waitstaff versus Waiting in a Restaurant

Private Party Waitstaff in Dallas TX

There are many wait staff job opportunities in Dallas besides waiting tables, considering the many elaborate holiday parties and wedding receptions in Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow. Working as wait staff for an event staffing service can be a great part time wait staff job. Perhaps you’re already a temp waiter for a temporary waitstaff service or a party service in the Dallas area, so you already know that private home parties, cocktail parties and dinner parties always present new experiences.  Restaurant wait staff find that working the occasional cocktail party, wedding reception, or holiday party as catering wait staff keeps things interesting. New faces, places and experiences allow temp waiters or career waitstaff to use a temporary event staffing service for an exciting change of pace.

Working as a waiter for a temporary staffing service has financial incentives too.  Great hourly rates for temp waitstaff positions are the norm.  Besides the great parties and great pay, a temporary wait staff company can place you on jobs that fit your schedule as a part-time temp waiter. With an event staffing company, weekday private parties and special events end early with a short cleanup.  This allows temp waiter jobs to not interfere with normal day jobs, which ultimately allows for more overall earnings. So, whether trying to make extra money, spice things up or get experience in the braod field of being a waiter, consider that a temporary waitstaff position with a temp staffing company may be a perfect solution for you!

Holiday Party Bartender

Top Reasons to Hire Holiday Party Help

Hire Holiday Party Help in Dallas TX

The holiday party season has arrived, and with it the need to hire holiday help, party wait staff, chefs, bartenders and more.  Company holiday parties, cocktail receptions, seated dinners and charity events bloom in DallasPreston Hollow, Highland Park and University Park areas during the holidays. Hiring temporary party help, including catering staff, bartender staff, or chef staff for the proverbial holiday reception, cocktail party, or dinner party has saved many a busy secretary or family from the stress of the holidays.  Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party, a large company holiday party or a client appreciation party; hiring temporary wait staff, bartenders, or chefsis the best solution to seasonal needs.

Hiring holiday seasonal staff that are experienced at working cocktail receptions in Highland Parkdinner parties in Preston Hollow or company parties in University Park is essential.  Wait staff and bar tenders familiar with working parties in private homes ensures a higher level of service, and hiring a personal chef or temp chef service can take your party to the next level. So whether your holiday party, reception or dinner is of epic proportions or just an intimate gathering; utilizing a temporary staffing service will take the stress out of the holiday party ritual.