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Holiday Party Bartender

Hire Catering waiters and kitchen help in Dallas TX

The holiday party season has arrived, and with it the need to hire holiday help, party wait staff, chefs, bartenders and more.  Company holiday parties, cocktail receptions, seated dinners and charity events bloom in Dallas’ Preston Hollow, Highland Park and University Park areas during the holidays. Hiring temporary party help, including catering staff, bartender staff, or kitchen staff for the proverbial holiday reception, cocktail party, or dinner party has saved many a busy secretary or family from the stress of the holidays.  Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party, a large company holiday party or a client appreciation party; hiring temporary wait staff, bartenders, or chefs is the best solution to seasonal needs.

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Hiring holiday seasonal staff that are experienced at working cocktail receptions in Highland Park, dinner parties in Preston Hollow or company parties in University Park is essential.  Wait staff and bar tenders familiar with working parties in private homes ensures a higher level of service, and hiring a personal chef or temp chef service can take your party to the next level. So whether your holiday party, reception or dinner is of epic proportions or just an intimate gathering; utilizing a temporary staffing service will take the stress out of the holiday party ritual.

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