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Waiter Jobs in Fort Worth Texas

Find the best waiter jobs in Fort Worth Texas

If you want to find waiter jobs in Fort Worth Texas, consider working contracted assignments with Trinity Event Staffing. Our waiter job opportunities include contract work with caterers, event planners and event venues in Fort Worth.  Available waiting positions with Trinity offer a nice change of pace for restaurant waitstaff wishing to gain waiter experience outside of their restaurant jobs in Fort Worth. Even if you are a waiter in a restaurant or bar, if you need part time work for extra income, you are welcome to apply for a waiter job in Fort Worth with us. Wait staff positions are in high demand during the busy spring and fall seasons, and we are hiring waiters for events during those times.

Waiter jobs near me with the best pay

If you are seeking waiter positions but are new to the service industry, this is a great opportunity to learn how to be a waiter. Waiter jobs in Fort Worth Texas with Trinity are a great way for career waiters to become trained in fine dining practices and earn extra money. Perhaps you have never waited tables before but wish to learn.  Our waiter training is on the job with hands on experience with wait staff veterans. Waiter careers in Fort Worth are a click away. To apply for employment with Trinity Event Staffing, please fill out an application HERE. Let us know if you want a waiter job and if you can bartend or work Back of house positions too.  We look forward to helping you with your waiter career!

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