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Etiquette for Wait Staff in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

For waitstaff working in affluent areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, using proper body movements as well as proper forms of contact at wedding receptions, cocktail parties, dinner parties and banquets is essential to being professional event staff.  The ambiance created by properly-trained wait staff is extremely important when working for example in Highland Park or Preston Hollow, Dallas homes.  A lifetime of exposure to high standards of care imbues our cultured elite with high expectations of party and event wait staff that must be met.

The following are just a few wait staff tips that are useful to keep in mind for cocktail reception wait staff in private homes, catering staff in venues or wedding bar staff at a bride’s wedding reception.  These will help you as event staff to navigate the tangled web of personalities at events.

When moving through a crowd, wait staff must remember to move slowly and gracefully.  If a waiter must touch someone to get past them, have them touch the person on the elbow, as it is the least offending way to get someone’s attention.  When working as a banquet waiter party bartender or catering staff, don’t make large motions or point towards a bathroom or table as it is highly distracting to other guests.  The waiter should make the motion with their whole hand down low and subtly so as to not draw attention from guests or other reception staff.

When wait staff are talking amongst themselves, they should remember that the ‘recorder’ is always on and someone is always watching.  So be sure your catering staff and cocktail waiters are putting a positive spin on everything they say.  If someone on your waiter staff happens to be funny, witty or charming, be sure that they also understand the importance of brevity, so that they can entertain and work at the same time.

Lastly, as wait staff you must rush without seeming rushed and be able to stop on a dime.  To do so, shift your forward movement upward, which will allow you to arrest your forward movement and avoid a collision. Keep checking back for more tips to help your event and banquet staff to have better etiquette!

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