Temp Services in Dallas TX

Temp Services in Dallas TX

Jun 14, 2015

Temp services in Dallas TX

Temp Services in Dallas TX

Temp services in Dallas TX supplied through Trinity Event Staffing to the north Texas region cover all of your staffing needs for parties, meetings and events.  Trinity supplies service staff including bartending services, waitstaff, chef service and kitchen staff.  Additionally, Trinity provides marketing and branding staff with its promotional staff and promotional models.  Lastly, Trinity provides valet service, security service and other event staff such as set up staff, attendants, coat check and drivers.  That is why Trinity represents a complete staffing solution for events, food service and branding.

However, Trinity Event Staffing can also provide mobile bar services and alcohol delivery to allow you to relax and  prepare for your party or event.  While Trinity supplies temp services in Dallas TX  to the north Texas region and Oklahoma, Trinity , also has other locations throughout the Lone Star State, including Fort Worth, Austin, College Station, San Antonio and Houston.

Trinity Event Staffing’s service staff come from a variety of professional service career backgrounds, giving the Trinity team a strength of diversity necessary to meet the challenges of events.  Trinity provides additional training to its staff to ensure the highest quality temp services in Dallas TX available.  And while Trinity’s staff are versed in all manner of receptions, caterings, and seated service, they are versatile to any role in order to adjust to the needs of your party or event.

So let Trinity Event Staffing create a customized staffing solution for you or your organization that meets your needs for excellence.  In order to serve you better, please fill in the below form so that we can supply you with additional information about Trinity’s temp services in Dallas TX or get your event on our calendar.  A representative will contact you back via phone or email to assist you with your specific needs.


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