Temp Services in Austin TX

Temp Services in Austin TX from Trinity Event Staffing bring together the best events industry specialists with balanced and effective teams.  Trinity is able to handle your entire event staffing needs from bartending services that include both bartenders and bar backs, to other event staff including wait staff, kitchen staff, personal chefs, security service and […]

Bartending Services in Austin TX

Bartending Services in Austin TX Bartending services in Austin TX, the lone star state’s capital, are provided by the event staffing leader, Trinity Event Staffing!  Trinity’s years of experience coupled with its penchant for innovative solutions to training and managing large numbers of staff throughout the state make it your best choice for bartenders and […]

Etiquette for Wait Staff

Etiquette for Wait Staff in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas For waitstaff working in affluent areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, using proper body movements as well as proper forms of contact at wedding receptions, cocktail parties, dinner parties and banquets is essential to being professional event staff.  The ambiance created by properly-trained wait staff is extremely important when […]