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Working for a bartender service or a staffing company for events as a bar tender, bar back or temporary bar staff may not be as hard as you might think, and the rewards can be fantastic! Getting a bartender certificate from a bartending school is the traditional way to jump start your bartender career. But equally as good is just to join a bar and beverage service to work your way up with informal temporary bartender staff training. Perhaps you are already a seasoned mixologist bartending in a bar but need a change of pace. Many bar tenders and bar backs get their start working in a bar, but the lifestyle, the nighttime hours and bar atmosphere are not for everyone at all stages of life. That’s why many a bar-tender finds that bartending for a temporary bartending service as a private event bartender works better for them.

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For many aspiring bartenders, working in a bar is the bartender’s pinnacle of success, but consider the advantages of bartending for a mobile bartender service instead of (or in addition to) bartending in a bar setting. Private party bartenders have exciting atmospheres, live music and everything else and more that a regular bar staff could hope to see. The main difference is that private party bartenders are exposed to the most expensive and elaborate parties and events that are hosted and toasted by the best known brands, celebrities and politicians.

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In addition, a private party or personal bartender has the advantage of an ever-changing atmosphere. Catering bar staff many times get to work in the most beautiful homes, at the coolest makeshift bars, being cutting edge mixologists for new liquor brands. Bartending in a new place with a new theme and new faces every night is perhaps the most exciting aspect of being a mobile bartender. It’s the ever-changing atmosphere that makes it so much fun!

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In most cases, events with private party bar tenders are not the grueling ‘bartend all night sleep all day’ repeating scenario for a bartender in a bar. In most cases, temporary bar-tender services allow you to bartend when you want to, as they tend to be geared to the part-time temp bar-tender. Weekday parties and events end at a reasonable hour with a short cleanup as opposed to bartending in a bar until 2am, then cleaning, doing a product count and cashing out. For those who have kids and a family, private party bartending can be a reasonable alternative to allow for a normal family life. For most party bartenders, this allows them to have a normal day job too, which ultimately allows for more overall earnings.

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Whether your desire is to bartend for a bartending service, a temporary bar staffing company or in a bar, bartending will always be an exciting career field. Whether it is a passing job, a way to make some extra money while supporting yourself through college, or supporting a family alongside a 9-5 office career, consider that a temporary bar staff position with a bartending service company may work the best for you. But if you want the “all in” experience, then certainly you should also work in a high volume bar as it will always sharpen your skills and position you well for a part-time gig later on.