Mobile Bar Service

Mobile bar and staffing services

Mobile Bar Service

A mobile bar service is EASY TO ASSEMBLE yourself and will SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!  Trinity Event Staffing can provide the event staff including bartenders, while a local EVENT RENTAL COMPANY can help you to rent your own equipment and deliver it.  And now it’s even easier with our bar rentals calculator?  (CLICK HERE FOR OUR EASY-TO-USE BAR RENTALS CALCULATOR).  You can always ask us for a referral to a good rental company in your area

Whether you are having a catered event with a buffet; a company holiday party for your office staff and want to provide an open bar; or a backyard get together at your home, CREATING YOUR OWN MOBILE BAR SERVICE using staffing from Trinity Event Staffing and contacting a local event rental company can provide the COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION you need. And getting bar rentals is as easy as a Google search for “event rental companies”.  That way you have your bar, beverage and staffing needs covered. While traditionally a mobile bar service was designed to help you get the right equipment you need for your party or event bar, including the bar itself, coolers, glassware, ice bowls, bus tubs, trash cans and more, now Trinity Event Staffing’s beverage calculator, coupled with Trinity Event Staffing’s event staff and a local rental company turn you into the mobile bar service specialist! This idea works anywhere too, including for wedding and event venues, fraternity and sorority parties, as well as all types of outdoor and temporary event locations.

Beyond bar equipment, if you need assistance with your beverage order, Trinity’s alcohol calculator can help. CLICK HERE to visit Trinity’s alcohol calculator.  If you would also like to order Trinity Event Staffing’s bartending services, or if you need waitstaff or kitchen staff, visit our staffing services page.

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