UPDATES: Fall 2020

We’ve Missed you!

With everything we have been through over that last 6 months we are due for some fun! With added measures of safety, you can count on us to do our best to protect everyone’s health. With so much still unknown about the virus, we will continue to update our policies and guidelines and keep everyone informed. Our clients have come up with some inventive ways to host events with safety as their top priority.

  • Stay up to date with:
  • Submit your UNavailability on your Trinity-NextCrew app, that way you will not be messaged about offers you are UNavailable for.
  • Make sure your Profile info is correct (address, email, phone number)
  • Make sure your docs are current (valid ID, TABC and Food Handlers)
    • Upload new docs into the LICENSE section NOT the Certifications (otherwise we can not tract the expiration date)
  • Update your Skills! This helps the schedulers to match you with assignments.
Be sure to answer all messages from schedulers and HR, and confirm your assignments in your Trinity-NextCrew app. If you need your username sent to you or if you wish to be removed from our roster, please email hr@trinityeventstaffing.com.

Safety Measures & COVID Compliance

Each event will have its own set of added safety measures. Social distancing, handwashing and face masks will be followed for all events. Our clients are also using plexiglass at food areas and bars, staff served buffets and outside settings. We are additionally assessing the risks of each event and attaching an easy to read risk level to each assignment (viewed in the NextCrew app). Watch Video

Respond to ALL Offers

Please be sure to respond to all job offers sent to you. The NextCrew app will send you an SMS message, a notification and an email letting you know that you have been offered an assignment. Once you have viewed all the details of the assignment be sure to respond “Interested” OR “Decline” the offer so we know if you will be accepting it or not. Feel free to send a message if you have additional questions about the assignment. Watch Video

Watch our NEW How-To Videos

With ample time to do projects over the past months, our creation team recorded some helpful videos to show you how to use the Trinity-NextCrew app. Watch these short videos and become a PRO! Watch Videos

Keep your Saturday’s OPEN

With most corporate facilities still closed, our incoming booking are mostly for wedding receptions. Among the most beautiful events, we provide the support to make dreams come true for these loving couples.

We look forward to seeing you soon!