Referral Program

We love working with you, and we know you are our number one best resource for finding other fantastic staff. So we created a Referral Bonus program to say “THANKS!” for being a part of our recruiting team. Below are the details of how you can earn $$ for referring us to your friends, family, and coworkers. Thanks again team, we appreciate your efforts!

  • Refer quality people and receive a $50 bonus after each of your referrals works 30 hours of events with Trinity.
  • Please note that your referral needs to be in good standing on the active roster when the referral bonus is requested.
  • You’ll need to track your referral’s hours to redeem your referral bonus.
  • Make sure each person you refer places your name on their job application and please have them inform the HR manager in their interview that you referred them.
  • To redeem your referral bonus (after they work 30 hours), e-mail or text the HR line and provide your name and the name of the person you referred.
  • Once your referral’s hours have been verified by our payroll department, you will receive your referral bonus on the next payroll cycle!