How to be successful

We are glad you are a part of our team! Follow these guidelines and you are assured success!

  • Intro to Working with Trinity Watch this video!
  • UPDATE YOUR AVAILABILITY on your app regularly. (Learn How)
  • SHOW INTEREST on upcoming assignments through your NextCrew app
  • RESPOND quickly to all messages from Schedulers, HR and Payroll.
  • STAY COMMITTED once you have accepted an event assignment.
  • DON’T CANCEL Repeated canceling last minute will decrease your opportunities to work.
  • Emergency cancellations are sometimes necessary, so please call (do not text) the scheduler ASAP, and be prepared to offer documentation of the reason.
  • Not calling and not showing up to your scheduled event will unfortunately remove you from the roster.
  • ARRIVE EARLY Arrive 10-15 minutes early to every event. “Early is on time and on time is late!”
  • CLOCK IN on your NextCrew app
  • CHECK IN with the LEAD or event manager.
  • HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE and do your best with every task given to you. Ask questions to your LEAD and captain.
  • CHECK OUT with your LEAD or event manager.
  • CLOCK OUT in NextCrew and include any break taken. Review and update your timesheet to ensure accuracy.
  • GET MORE WORK Do all these things and you will have more and more opportunities with us!
  • GAIN SKILLS As you learn with us and add to your skills, we will add to your payrate.  More skills=More $
  • GIVE FEEDBACK You are always welcome to give us feedback. Just text a scheduler or HR.