Point Policy

To be a successful member of the team it is critical to be reliable and follow all policies and procedures. The following actions will acquire point amounts. Staff who reach 5 or more points risk being benched or removed from the roster. 

Canceling a Confirmed Shift

We understand that emergencies happen. If you need to cancel an assignment that you are confirmed to work, you must get in contact with a scheduler.

  • You may text the scheduler ONLY between the hours of 8:00am – 8:00pm. Make sure you receive a response.
  • If you are canceling any other time, then you MUST CALL 972-345-4045
  • Be sure you get a response and that your confirmed shift is no longer on your portal. Otherwise the scheduler has NOT received your message and has not replaced you. Keep calling until you receive a response.
Canceling within Your first 3 Assignments
  • Please understand that being reliable is critical to the success of the events. Staff who cancel on one of their first 3 assignments will be removed from the roster- ineligible for future work with Trinity Event Staffing.


Points start over January and July each year if you have not been removed.


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