Payroll Questions

You can view your Payroll and Hours worked on the NextCrew app on the Timesheet tab.

Payroll Questions

Timesheet Statuses:
  • Unapproved: You missed your clock in and the system has created your timesheet. Be sure to edit the timesheet to the correct times you worked and it will automatically change to a Staff Approved status. 
  • Staff Approved: You are able to edit the timesheet, add missed clock out times and break times.
  • Client Approved: The client has made updates to the timesheets to reflect the sign in/out times they have recorded. Please do your best to always report the same times as your times on the sign in/out sheet.
  • Approved: Timesheet has been approved by payroll and client, and are awaiting payment.
  • Paid: Timesheets have been uploaded into the payment system and are in route to be paid to you that Friday (either check or direct deposit), or have already been paid to you.
Timesheet Info:
  • All timesheets are rounded to the closest quarter hour (:00, :15, :30, :45).
  • The payroll department will make adjustments for the “4 hour minimum” if the event is less than four hours. Do not change your actually end time. Always report the exact times that you worked.
  • Do not clock in until you have checked in with the client or lead. Clock out once you have checked out.
  • Review your timesheets regularly to ensure they are accurate.
  • Leads will also report staff’s in/out times on events.
  • All hours are sent to the client to verify.

Our payroll cycle is WEEKLY Saturday to Friday paid out the following Friday.

Please see the Payroll Schedule (here)

TAXES and 1099’s: As a 1099 Subcontractor, taxes are NOT deducted from your paycheck. If you earn more than $600 within a year with us, then you will receive a 1099 (by Jan 31st) to report your earnings on your taxes.

***Paychecks and Direct Deposits are issued from Kinetic Staffing Solutions (our in house payroll account).

Payroll Questions

Questions about your timesheet or paycheck?

Please text (972) 366-4725 (Payroll Text Line) or email  [email protected]

Address Changes

  • Be sure to keep your address up to date on your Profile tab of your NextCrew app AND notify the Payroll Department (email or text)
  • If you move, make sure to submit a change of address with the post office
  • Be sure your apartment number is included on your address
  • Be sure your name is written inside your apartment mailbox

Direct Deposit

Currently direct deposit is available to all staff. To sign up, you must have an account with a routing and account number. Please enter your account information into NextCrew on the Profile tab in the Bank Information section.

Deposits go through on Friday’s between 3pm – 8pm and are from Kinetic Staffing Solutions. Please review your timesheets in NextCrew and the Payroll Schedule

Note: Melio does send emails regarding deposits in transit, however they do not always send an email for every deposit, so please use your timesheets in NextCrew along with the Payroll Schedule to determine what you will receive on Friday direct deposited into your account. 

Missing deposits: Deposits are not missing until it is after 8pm on the Friday matching the Payroll Schedule. If you have reviewed the schedule and it is after 8pm and you are certain you are missing a deposit, then please contact payroll via text or email.

IMPORTANT: If you need to change your bank account information, you MUST contact payroll immediately. Updating it in NextCrew does NOT update it in the payroll system. 

Paper Paychecks

Paychecks are mailed from North Texas on Tuesdays. Please allow 5-12 business days (Dallas) or 7-15 business days (Austin & Houston) to receive through regular mail. Please keep in mind that weather and holidays affect the speed in which mail is delivered. You may sign up for direct deposit by entering your bank account information into NextCrew in the Profile section of the app.

Reissuing Paychecks

  • Please allow 30 days for missing paychecks to be delivered or returned
  • If you do not want to wait and would like for your check to be reissued
    • There is a $30 reissuing fee (from the bank) that will be deducted from the total check amount
    • There is no fee to reissue a payroll check after 30 days
    • Reissued checks will be mailed to your address on file

Paycheck Stubs:

  • If you are on Direct Deposit and need proof of income, you will need to use your bank records that show deposits from Kinetic Staffing or use your timesheets in NextCrew. There are no pay stubs with direct deposits.