How to be a Trinity LEAD

As a Trinity LEAD you have many responsibilities. Here is what you need to know to get started.

LEAD Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Have the staff list (on portal) and a sign in sheet ready prior to the event
  • Be the first person to arrive (so be 15-20 minutes early)
  • Greet the staff and have them sign in on the prepared sign in sheet
  • Check uniforms and appearances of staff and communicate any issues with the scheduler check in line
  • Communicate with the scheduler check in line as to who you are missing and answer any calls from schedulers
  • Check in with the client by the call time and introduce yourself and the team
  • Get all the important details from the client including set up, duties during event, guest arrival, guest count and break down instructions
  • Direct the staff to make sure all duties are being carried out according to the timeline
  • Encourage staff and lead by example while always remaining professional and upholding Trinity standards and policies
  • Communicate with scheduler and client if there are extras on the event and make cuts at 4 hours if client does not request to keep the extras
  • Check out with the client to ensure everything has been taken care of to the fullest (regardless of the end time of the assignment)
  • Sign staff out and report the hours on the portal for all staff
  • Give feedback about the event and the staff

As you demonstrate proficiency in all these areas, then pay raises will be given! Just like every skill there are levels. The higher level LEAD you are the more you will be paid. LEAD payrate ranges from $16-20/hr.

If you would like to be given the opportunity to lead, please text this request to the schedulers. (See contact information)

If you feel that you are deserving of a raise, you may request a payrate evaluation by emailing

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