Staff Cancelled from an Event

Changes to events can often affect staff who are scheduled to work. We try to minimize these changes with our clients, however many last-minute changes can not be avoided. If this does occur then we do our best to fairly compensate those affected.

If you are canceled from an event:
  • Prior to Arriving (24 hours or less): and if we are not able to offer you another assignment
    • Paid $50 Cancellation Pay
    • Please keep in mind that if we have other work to offer you (during similar times +-2 hours) and you decline to take another assignment then you will not be paid the $50 Cancellation Pay
    • You must have been confirmed to work the assignment for more than 24 hours.
  • When Arriving at the Event as Scheduled
    • Paid 4 hours of pay (four hour minimum)
    • Please keep in mind that if the client requests you to stay and gives you other work for 4 hours, then you will be expected to do that work in order to be paid for 4 hours. If you decline to work at the clients’ request, then you will not be paid for 4 hours
    • If a scheduler attempts to reach you by phone calls and text to notify you that your assignments has cancelled prior to the call time and they are not able to reach you and you go to the event, then you will receive the $50 Cancellation Pay and not the 4 hour minimum