Trinity Event Staffing Reviews

Trinity Event Staffing in Dallas Texas Positive reviews for Trinity Event Staffing can be found online in many of the local directories and reviews sites.  These online review sites and directories include well known and trusted sources such as  Merchant Circle is known for its thorough inclusion of local businesses of all types.  Another […]

Bartending Services in Fort Worth TX

Need a bartender service in Fort Worth TX Trinity Event Staffing’s bartending services can provide you with bartenders and bar staff that are well-trained, well-spoken and highly presentable.  From setting up your mobile bar and to stocking it with glassware and beverages, to serving your guests with speed and professionalism, Trinity’s team rocks it!  Our […]

Temp Services in Dallas TX

Temp Services in Dallas TX Temp services in Dallas TX supplied through Trinity Event Staffing to the north Texas region cover all of your staffing needs for parties, meetings and events.  Trinity supplies service staff including bartending services, waitstaff, chef service and kitchen staff.  Additionally, Trinity provides marketing and branding staff with its promotional staff and promotional models.  Lastly, […]

Temp Services in Fort Worth TX

Find temp services in Fort Worth Texas Temp staffing in Fort Worth TX is provided by the industry specialist, Trinity Event Staffing!  Trinity provides well-trained, well-spoken and highly-presentable event staff throughout Texas.   This includes service staff such as  bartenders, wait staff and kitchen staff for weddings.  It also includes event security services,  brand ambassadors and […]

Bartending Services in Houston TX

Bartending Services in Houston TX Bartending services in Houston TX provided by Trinity Event Staffing services the entire Houston area, including Sugarland, Galveston, Conroe and Woodlands areas!  Trinity is the industry leader in providing organized, well-trained and highly presentable bartender and service staff for parties and events.  With years of experience and locations all across […]

Temp Services in Austin TX

Temp Services in Austin TX from Trinity Event Staffing bring together the best events industry specialists with balanced and effective teams.  Trinity is able to handle your entire event staffing needs from bartending services that include both bartenders and bar backs, to other event staff including wait staff, kitchen staff, personal chefs, security service and […]

Bartending Services in Austin TX

Need bartending services in Austin TX? Trinity Event Staffing is the industry leader for bartending services in Austin TX!  Throughout the Lone Star state, Trinity remains the number one name in event staffing.  Years of experience coupled with a reputation for innovative solutions in training and managing are the hallmark of the Trinity brand.  Trinity […]

Temp Services in Houston TX

Temp Services in Houston TX Trinity Event Staffing’s temp services in Houston, TX can provide custom staffing solutions to all of your event and party needs.  Trinity’s services staff includes bartending services coupled with mobile bar equipment rental, waitstaff and waiter captains, as well as chef service and kitchen staff. Trinity can also provide security service , […]