Bartending Services in Fort Worth TX

Best Bartending Services in Fort Worth TX

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Trinity Event Staffing’s bartending services can provide you with bartenders and bar staff that are well-trained, well-spoken and highly presentable.  From setting up your mobile bar and to stocking it with glassware and beverages, to serving your guests with speed and professionalism, Trinity’s team rocks it!  Our bartenders know how to finish fast, by taking everything down and packing it away.  Our bartender staffing services do the heavy lifting for your party or event!  Trinity’s bartenders are selected from bar staff with a wide variety of bar, restaurant and catering experience that makes our bartending services in Fort Worth TX the best available!

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Trinity Event Staffing also has locations throughout Texas, including Dallas and North Texas, the state capital of Austin, and Houston with its surrounding areas.  So wherever you go, Trinity’s bartending services in Fort Worth TX or our other locations can be there too.  And Trinity’s bartender staff knows what it takes to set up and manage a bar in the challenging events environment.  Whether it is in a giant tent in a field, a museum with priceless art, or in a converted historic warehouse, Trinity is the temp agency you need!  And Trinity has the event staff in Dallas and Fort Worth to make your event a success no matter what ‘mission impossible’ you have to work with!

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Trinity’s bartenders make great money but are still affordable for everyone to host their own party or event.  Need help figuring out what rentals you need and where to get them?  Don’t know what kind and how much alcohol and mixers you need for your party?  We can help with both!  From how many and what type of bars, coolers, glassware and equipment you need and how to get it to and from your event, to beverage and ice amounts and delivery solutions, we help take the guessing and heavy lifting off your shoulders.  Just CLICK HERE for bartenders and CLICK HERE for the alcohol calculator. So, partner with the best event staffing company in Dallas to provide your bartenders by filling out the form below to begin your event booking.