Bartender Agencies for Weddings Adapt In 2020

Bartender Agencies for Weddings with Outdoor Bars

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The wedding industry of Texas generates major revenue for many event companies. Working weddings comprises a large portion of how service industry staff find employment opportunities. The construction of numerous event venues throughout the Lone Star state over the past few years means adapt or die for many. As a result, numerous enterprising venue owners from Dallas to Fort Worth have converted their facilities into outdoor venues.  With consumer demand still high, but restrictions still in force, venues and their bartender agencies must make essential adaptations.  These represent the changing face of weddings in 2020.  From using outdoor space, to safer beverage dispensing options, adaptations will answer how to still safely having a wedding in 2020.

Many Weddings in Dallas Texas Rescheduling to Fall 2020

Typically, March through June sees the peak spring season for wedding galas. Many couples have been forced to postpone their nuptials planned for earlier this year due to the closures and restrictions placed on businesses. Activity for bartender agencies for weddings that were poised to work weddings and other events fell to ‘non-existent’ for many months. As the world adapts to the springtime Coronavirus Pandemic, fall 2020 wedding bookings are shooting to an all-time high. Rescheduled events and weddings have begun booking week days, so as to obtain favorite wedding venues already booked for weekends.  So despite the quiet of the summer, bookings for the fall wedding season remain strong. And while the spring 2020 wedding season represents a historical blip, weddings appear to be making a strong fall time comeback.

Questions to answer before having a wedding reception

Should you proceed with your plan to get married in 2020 despite the pandemic? This decision weighs heavily on many couples throughout Texas. A tremendous amount of planning goes into preparing for The Big Day.  And now brides must additionally contend with COVID-19. Once discussions  proceed to take place with your guests, venue, and vendors, keep abreast of the latest guidelines in your area. How many people does the state allow in a wedding venue now? What routines and services must be changed or added? How many more chefs and cooks are needed to safely prepare food? What banquet and buffet staff requirements define how to serve food since self-serve buffets remain prohibited. In addition, bartender agencies for weddings must abide by the new health protocols set forth in Texas to keep the venue compliant.
2020 Tips for Rescheduling a Bartending Service

Best Bartender Agencies for Weddings in Texas Lead The Way

Seeking a full-scale staffing and bartending service saves you time and money. But choose a well-established staffing company offering kitchen assistants as well as wait staff to prepare drinks and serve food. Pick a staffing service with an incredible reputation that knows hospitality inside and out. Bartending companies and event staffing services regularly advise planners and couples on staff counts and beverage and ice amounts for events. The best bartender companies also receive high marks as employment agencies for bartenders in Dallas. They screen, interview and provide rigorous training to hired staff, and give them needed jobs.  Additionally, and most importantly, reputable event staffing and bartender companies practice the best COVID compliance protocols.

Why ‘professional bartender services near me’ a common search

Regardless of whether you intend to have a formal or casual wedding, bartending services should be uniformed, have protective equipment and be well-groomed. The best bartender agencies for weddings and event staffing companies reach this goal.  They pride themselves on hiring high-caliber, background-checked individuals. The best staffing companies  provide the necessary vetting process to ensure you receive trained TABC-certified bartenders. Standards will likely drop across the industry.  Only the best bartender staffing agencies will remain committed to excellence in service. Additionally, size matters.  Top-rated bartending services with locations throughout Texas allow wedding venue options to open up to include secluded ranches and rural homesteads.

Wedding Bartenders versus Event Staffing Companies

Bartenders remain a necessity for most events, and certainly weddings. Cocktails served at bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and wedding receptions remain the norm. Whether mimosas with which to cheers, or Bloody Marys the following day, relaxation must be served up in a glass! So, beyond hiring just a bartending agency for weddings, consider that a full event staffing company may be a better choice. They’ll provide additional services, such as waiters, chefs, and disinfecting specialists. They can also tailor their services to fit your specific service needs to the occasions surrounding The Big Day. So whether your wedding choices dictate a black tie affair or a chic country barn celebration, pick the right vendors.  Regardless, your expectation of all event staffing services or bartender agencies for weddings should be to receive assistance from setup through cleanup.

Bartender Companies for Wedding Receptions in Dallas Texas

Staffing Agencies with Bartenders More Flexible For Wedding Needs

With the threat of COVID-19 still looming, event companies must do all they can to keep their clients and staff safe. Event staff must be educated and updated on the ever-changing health protocols to follow during a wedding or event. Waitstaff preparing and serving drinks should take more precautions than ever before with cleanliness. Surfaces frequently touched such as bar tops must be sanitized. Event staff should keep a distance from the guests when, and mix drinks free of viral hazards through learned behaviors. Tongs must be provided for guests they can place garnishes into drinks themselves.  However, staffing services and bartender agencies for weddings must go further than just small adaptations to beverage service.  This includes creating or licensing a COVID compliance training solution.

COVID Compliance a Must for Reputable Bartending Services in Dallas Texas

The best staffing agencies can offer services above and beyond bartending and service staff. They can provide you with disinfecting attendants. This will allow you extra layers of protection for guests beyond booking with an outdoor venue. This prevention add-on represents a low-cost additional solution you should consider. Showing your guests these modifications and add-ons may be key to helping guests feel comfortable being in attendance. A sanitizing crew can disinfect high frequency touch areas such as handrails, door handles, restroom faucets, dispensers, tables and chairs. However, make sure they adhere to CDC guidelines, know how to use PPE equipment such as gloves and masks. Using precautionary measures such as a sanitation team can help your wedding still happen while demonstrating your commitment to safety.

Staffing Agencies with Bartenders for Weddings in Dallas Texas

Outdoor Wedding Venues and Event Staffing Versatility Equal an Answer

The newest scientific research on COVID points to three needs. The first need encompasses a healthy dose of cautionary measures such as providing masks, hand sanitizer and using sanitizing services. The second need mandates hiring a reputable event staffing service to provide COVID-compliant trained bartenders, buffet attendants, and kitchen assistants. The third need revolves around the growing evidence that indoor facilities are more dangerous than outdoor ones. Therefore plan on having your wedding outdoors for safety sake, but be sure to include a rain plan. For now, there are things to be done to have a successful wedding. With these few tips, you will be well on your way. Stay tuned to further tips and trends.