Bartender Jobs in Dallas Texas

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Bartender Jobs in Dallas Texas

Bartender Jobs in Dallas Texas

Bartender Jobs in Dallas TexasWhen looking for bartender jobs in Dallas Texas, consider bartending for an event staffing company or mobile bar service as a valuable resource for gaining bartending experience in a variety of different bar and event settings. We provide bar staff in Dallas for high end catering events, venues. Trinity can offer a fun bar tender career and great bartender training for new bar tenders. If you are a seasoned bartender seeking employment, our event staffing company appreciates bar tenders of all levels.

Perhaps you are a bar tender who has recently graduated from bar tending school as needs a foot in the door for finding a bartending job. Or maybe you are in bartending school looking for a little extra income for your bartending career. We provide bartending jobs for bar-tenders of all skill levels, and as a temp staffing service, every position at all events are new and help you get bartending experience for your future. Trinity offers bartender careers in Dallas for bar staff of all levels of expertise.

So whether you already have a bartending job, need a little extra pocket change at the end of the month, or otherwise, consider bartending a few shifts per week. Trinity Event Staffing provides great bar tender experience that can help you gain valuable bartender training while you get your feet wet bartending in Dallas. Please fill at an application on our website, if you wish to join our team of versatile bar staff.

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5 Tips to Being a Great Bartender

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5 Tips To Being a Great Bartender

Bartending for an establishment, bartender service, or event staffing company in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas can be very rewarding. Being an event bartender, private party bartender, or bar staff includes more than simply pouring drinks. There are many factors that make a temporary bartender or restaurant bartender great. To be a great event bartender or private party bartender in Dallas and Fort Worth, an aspiring mixologist has to make great drinks have great customer service skills. Charismatic private party bartenders or event bartenders can make a party that much better! Bartenders can set the mood for the entire evening, so be outgoing and fun. Showing guests that you enjoy bartending will put you on the path to obtaining great bartender jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth. Whether you work for a bartending service, temporary bar staffing company, or in a bar, below are some great bartending tips to improve your status behind the bar:

1) Be engaging: Your success as a bartender stems from quickly identifying personality types and how you can reach them. Use the “bartender’s wink” often, remember to SMILE and be entertaining to watch.

2) Know some great drinks: Everyone appreciates your secret recipe recommendations for something sweet and fun or sour and sassy, so have a few unique recipes up your sleeve.

3) Remember names and drinks choices: Be as personable, introducing yourself, asking your guests’ names and remembering what they ordered on the last round.

4) Use humor: Everyone likes humor and customers typically like to be entertained in a bar atmosphere. Have a couple of canned witty comments that you can use all of the time for regular questions, answers or situations that arise.

5) Stay up on sport and current events: A great bartender always knows what’s going on in sports, in the media spotlight and in the world. Be able to make smart comments on all of them to engage your guests on their topic of choice.