Uniforms, Appearance & Policies

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Let’s dress to impress! Looking our best for every event is critical for a staff member’s success!

Uniform & Policies Videos Watch this Video!
  • Long hair pulled back into a bun or pony tail. Not loose or in your face.
  • Men clean shaven or beards trimmed
  • No large jewelry, no facial piercings unless skin tone
  • No visible tattoos
  • Conservative make-up and fragrances
  • no long finger nails, only natural colored finger nails (no fake nails for kitchen staff)
  • Uniform is pressed (dry-cleaned), not wrinkled, form fitting, not loose or baggy
  • Shoes are solid black, non-slip, with minimal heel, and worn with black socks (no tennis shoes or boots)
Where to BUY inform pieces:
BUY at Shoesforcrews.com
  • solid black non slip shoes (for servers/bartenders and chef/cooks) (click to view)
BUY at department stores, Walmart, Target, Express for Women and K&G Men’s for Men.
  • Solid white dress shirt
  • Solid black dress shirt
  • Solid black dress pants
BUY at Al’s Formal Wear in Dallas (Trinity Staff receive a discount)
  • Tux shirt, bow tie & cummerbund
  • Black vest (non-shiny back)
BUY at Acemart (many locations)
  • Chef coats (black and white)
BUY at Trinity Event Staffing office (Dallas) SIZES VARY- Must Call (cost of items will be deducted from your payroll)
  • Black dress shirts ($20)
  • White dress shirts ($20)
  • White TUX shirts ($25)
  • Black vests ($30)
  • Black Chef Coats ($25-$30)
  • White Chef coats ($25)
  • Black Ties ($10)

Please call a scheduler to verify that your size is available in our office. If not then you will need to try one of the other recommended stores.

IMPORTANT: All staff are required to have all uniform pieces listed on their “Confirmed” assignments prior to arriving for the assignment. If a staff member is missing an item of the uniform and the item(s) must be “RUSH DELIVERED” from the office to the assignment, then the staff member will be charge an additional delivery fee ($10-$20 based on distance from the office) in addition to the purchase price of the item. If the office does not have the item in inventory, then the staff member may be sent home for not having the correct uniform.

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