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Lets dress to impress! Looking our best for every event is critical for a staff member’s success!

Uniform & Policies Videos Watch this Video!


Where to BUY inform pieces:

View the Uniform Choices made by the client.

BUY at department stores, Walmart, Target, Express for Women and K&G Men’s for Men.

  • Solid white dress shirt
  • Solid black dress shirt
  • Solid black dress pants

BUY at Al’s Formal Wear in Dallas (Trinity Staff receive a discount).

  • Tux shirt, bow tie, cummerbund and black vest

BUY at Trinity Event Staffing office (Dallas) SIZES VARY- Must Call (cost of items will be deducted from your payroll)

  • Black dress shirts ($20)
  • White dress shirts ($20)
  • White TUX shirts ($25)
  • Black vests ($30)
  • Black Chef Coats ($25-$30)
  • White Chef coats ($25)
  • Black Ties ($10)

Please call a scheduler to verify that your size is available in our office. If not then you will need to try one of the other recommended stores.

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