COVID Compliance Standards for reopening businesses

In today’s new world, managing consumer confidence through COVID compliance sanitizing represents the gold standard for stores, offices and more. Providing safety from contagion during open business hours has now become a consumer and employee requirement. However, peak hours, mixed with high-touch surfaces in multiple areas, represent unique challenges to delivering on that requirement. In response to this new consumer demand, Trinity Event Staffing now provides trained and highly-presentable Sanitizing Specialists for frequent disinfecting of high-touch areas (HTA’s) during your business’ peak hours or event. With Trinity’s help, you can ensure clients, guests and employees that your location or event rigorously upholds the highest standards of safety through sanitizing.

Top-rated business in Texas that can help with COVID compliance sanitizing

Trinity Event Staffing’s new COVID-sanitizing service represents the spirit of Texas, by putting people back to work in a new and relevant way. At the same time, Trinity is helping clients in their efforts to maintain their high-integrity brands and first-rate locations.  In doing so, Trinity is striving to help the Texas economy to move forward in a responsible manner. You can expect the same high standards that Trinity is known for, including:

  • Trinity’s team, tech and care for clients all set the standard for excellence in staffing.
  • Staff are vetted and trained on the strictest level of current, COVID compliance sanitizing guidelines.
  • Trinity’s team members possess a conservative-looking appearance, are well-spoken and professional.
  • Staff maintain discreetness, self-motivation and dependability.
  • Trinity’s locations include Dallas, Austin and Houston.

COVID compliance standards for retail stores to reopen

What are the current COVID compliance standards?

Business and offices must increasingly comply with current guidelines regarding employee health.  These include occupancy limits, personal protective equipment requirements and limiting the use of shared items.  Distancing interactions and constant sanitizing also represent best practices . Current Guidelines & Recommendations include:

  • Texas: Having a dedicated person provide sanitizing and disinfecting of surfaces for businesses and offices with over 10 people
  • California: Frequently disinfect commonly used surfaces including doors, door handles, crash bars, light switches, waiting area chairs, credit card terminals, ATM PIN pads, elevator buttons, phones, toilets, and hand washing facilities.
  • EPA: When choosing cleaning chemicals, employers should use products approved for use against COVID-19 on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved list and follow product instructions.

Which businesses have specific COVID compliance protocols?

  • Retail & Offices
  • Churches & Funeral Facilities
  • Golf Course, Country Clubs, Resorts, Hotels & Restaurants
  • Restrooms/ pool areas/ lounges/ bars/ dining areas and kitchens
  • Events and gatherings at venues and private homes

COVID sanitizing of High Touch Areas (HTA’s)

High Touch Areas must be cleaned regularly in order to comply with COVID compliance sanitizing protocols including:

  • Doors: handles/knobs/push plates
  • Elevators: buttons/railings/doors
  • Desks: keyboard/mouse/computer/desk surfaces/chairs/phones
  • Break room areas: coffee machine/refrigerator handles/microwave/tables & chairs
  • Check out counters: credit card machines/pens/counters/phones
  • Restrooms: doors/stall doors & handles/ seats/flush handles & buttons/sink areas/faucet handles/ towel dispensers
  • Light switches
  • Retail items: apparel items tried on or items touched

Training for COVID Sanitizing Specialists

  • Staff are trained to follow the highest level of nationwide guidelines set by Texas, California and New York as well as the CDC and FDA.
  • Trinity’s specialists must wear gloves with optional face mask available, and train on current guidelines for COVID compliance sanitizing
  • Staff are trained on sanitizing techniques using disinfecting wipes as well as disinfecting sprays.
  • Trinity Specialists self screen vital signs and report any symptoms immediately.

Need a trusted COVID compliant staffing company nearby?

  • SAFETY: Safety for your staff, customers and guests
  • TRUST: Staff who are trained, professional, courteous and dependable
  • CONFIDENCE: Establish confidence for your staff, customers and guests
  • CONSISTENCY: Trinity Event Staffing has been providing excellent staffing solutions for over 11 years in Texas
  • Trinity can provide gloves and sanitizing supplies at a client’s request
  • Trinity can also provide additional health screening at a client’s request
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